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Boy George opens up about his panic attacks and anxiety

Boy George has long had issues with his mental health and in an interview on UK Channel4’s programme Loose Women he spoke openly and honestly about his experiences.

He admitted he feared for his life when he was suffering from panic attacks on a daily basis, but explained he overhauled his lifestyle after seeking the advice of a friend, however he still suffers with crippling insecurities most days.

‘It wasn’t chest pains… just panic. It’s not logical. Sometimes there’s no symptoms, you’re just like, ”What’s wrong with me?” You just lose it.’
He added that despite overcoming his panic attacks, he’s still unsure what triggered them in the first place, saying: ‘I think it’s really hard to diagnose. It can be food, it can be too much coffee, it can be stress.’
Since his mental health battles, George has overhauled his lifestyle, quitting drugs and alcohol and practising Buddhism.

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